by Lucy Hernandez

Wouldn’t we all love to have perfect grades? Here are some helpful tips!

1. Have good attendance: You should attend every class. When you miss classes, you miss lectures, notes, discussions, explanations, and assignments.

2. Be organized: Have a planner to write down all the assignments due, you can also use your agenda to keep track of tests and quizzes.

3. If assignments are too long, break them down: Some assignments and projects are more doable if you break them down into individual parts. This will allow you more time to focus.

4. Keep a binder for each class: Keeping a binder helps you easily insert your handouts, homework, and notes.

5. Save all your computer documents: If all your work is saved, then when you need it you can easily come back to it.

6. Keep all graded papers, quizzes, and tests: If you keep all the work for each class, they can be helpful study guides in the future.

7. Work in a neat area: Try to have an organized work area so you can focus. A messy environment can be distracting.

8. Create ‘to do’ lists and organize them by importance: create a list of all the things you need to do. Rate each item from least to most important. Listing and prioritizing your tasks only takes a short amount of time and it’s a helpful way to achieve one’s goals.