by Gabriela Catalan

  • The prom industry earns approximately $4 billion each year. With over 40 million teenagers in the U.S, the prom business is quite lucrative and will never go out of business.
  • The average prom proposal cost is $325. Wow! That is a lot of money! Let’s pray that lucky lady doesn’t say no.
  • Prom king and prom queen didn’t always exist. Prom used to be just a simple tea dance in your best Sunday clothes. Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and Paul Wesley never went to prom. Isn’t that just sad?
  • On average, parents spend $1,078 on their children’s prom. That’s half a year’s tuition for community college. Costs include those of renting a limousine, paying for photos, buying dresses or tuxedos, purchasing flowers, manicures, and more.
  • Prom, is short for Promenade was introduced to schools around the late 1890’s and early 1900’s.