by Brenda Palacios

YouTube has a section where YouTube creators recognize popular artists. “Artists on the rise,”  includes a variety of new YouTube artists, who vary across genres. Who have South Gate students heard of?

Jaden Smith, his music video, “Watch Me” has 14 million views.

Bea Miller, her music video, “S.L.U.T.” stands for: Sweet, Little, Unforgettable Thing, which encourages young teenagers to have confidence, has 4.9 million views.

Queen Naija, who owns her own youtube channel with over 2.2. million followers, has 12 million views in her music video, “Medicine.”

Bazzi, his music video, “Mine” has 45 million views.

“Bazzi is such a great artist. I actually started listening to him because I saw that he was on the list. I think a lot of people noticed him because of that ”

— Yulissa Flores

“This list actually is really resourceful to me. When I want to listen to new artists, I usually look at it. I saw Bea Miller’s new song and since then,I had it on repeat. I love the meaning towards the song because woman empowerment is needed in this century. I would recommend people to look at the list if they are looking for new music.”

— Lidia Salinas

Which YouTuber’s do South Gate students watch?