by Alexander Alvarado

The Queen Bey has hit the stage once again, this time at Coachella of 2018. Last weekend Beyoncé wowed festival-goers with a groundbreaking performance of all her greatest hits. To accompany her she brought out Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland to join her for a Destiny’s Child reunion which gave long-time fans a nostalgic feel to her performance. She also brought along Jay-Z to join her onstage so they could sing their hit “Déjà Vu” which was the perfect song to tease their world tour to come later this year in the summer, OTR II. She did not stop there, she also brought out her sister Solange so they could dance onstage in which fans called a “homage to H-Town”, which is where they both grew up. There was more than meets the eye at Beyoncé’s Coachella performance. One may see a simple sorority theme to her performance, but in reality it was a symbol to all African-American students who had gone to universities. Beyoncé will be back this coming weekend to amaze the world once again. Catch a live-stream of her coming performance on YouTube where you can also watch last week’s performance.