Oxfam Sex Scandal

by Jesse Mendoza

Oxfam, a British aid group, has recently been a large concern to the European Union. After a monstrous earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, support groups went to work, helping the people affected by the natural disaster, Oxfam included. Despite aid efforts, Oxfam employees under the watch of the deputy chief executive Penny Lawrence, who resigned on February 12, paid underage sex workers during their stay at Haiti, taking advantage of the horrible situation. Furthermore, the same situation allegedly occurred in 2006 in Central Africa, the country of Chad.

These scandals have led to the EU threatening to cut all their funding. From their work at Haiti, Oxfam received $2.1 million in funding from the EU. The British government has also threatened to cut all funding that goes into Oxfam. If Oxfam is deemed to have breached ethical standards, these threats will be executed.