by Arlene Vasquez

National Earmuff Day, March 13th

Earmuffs were originally created by a 15 year old named Chester Greenwood in 1873. He later opened a factory in 1883 making more than 20,000 pairs a year.

National Pi Day, March 14th

Pi has been studied for about 4,000 years. Pi is known as one of the most important mathematical figures.

National Panda Day, March 16th

Native to China, about 2,000 pandas are found in the wild. About 99% of a panda’s diet consists of bamboo. The lifespan of a giant panda is approximately 20 years.

St Patrick’s Day, March 17th

The tradition of wearing green goes all the way back to the 1700’s. Avoid getting pinched by wearing something as plain as a green bracelet! If you’re feeling thirsty, pass by your local McDonalds and grab a Shamrock Shake!

National Let’s Laugh Day, March 19th

Laughter is usually known as the best medicine because it heals the heart whenever you’re down.  Not only are you left feeling bubbly, but you’re also burning 10-20 calories every time you laugh.

National Kick Butt’s Day, March 21st

The first Kick Butt’s Day dates back to 1996. Take the time and advocate against tobacco use! Today’s the day to raise awareness and make a change in your community.

National Puppy Day, March 23rd

Take some time to appreciate your playful pup or your full grown “puppy”. Buy them something as simple as a bone or as fancy as a steak.