by Marisol Martin


National Honor Society (Media Center)

Ms. Esturo chooses the top students from the senior class to prepare them for college with the help of insight on scheduling and deadlines.


Paranormal Society (Room 104)

Mr. Gallardo provides students with the chance to explore the after-life, inspiring curious individuals.

#ICanAndIWill (Media Center)

Mrs. Casarez-Gutierrez assists in assigning upper-classmen to freshmen students who are struggling academically in order to help coordinate activities that will provide motivation and academic structure.


Key Club (Auditorium)

Ms. Alvarenga is in charge of overseeing the events planned by board members who focus their attention on students fond of community service.

Chemistry Club (Room 251)

Ms. Vineyard is joined by science-driven students to predict, brainstorm, and experiment with projects that call for chemical reactions.

Debate (Room 153)

Mr. Lewis recruits individuals that are passionate about policy proposals and persuasion techniques that can be used in competitions.


HSM Leadership in (Room 254)

Ms. Higgins supervises students who plan and coordinate events in the South Gate community that improve the environment.

Robotics Club (Room 205)

Mr. Moraila gives students an opportunity to figure out solutions for building and developing schematics of machines that can help alleviate daily tasks or provide for entertaining distraction.


Bible Club (Room 307)

Mr. Van der Fluit helps organize reunions for students to discuss religious concerns and topics that they feel should be addressed.

Speech Club (Room 309)

Mr. Santos reinforces the students’ need to discuss and argue on topics that can assist them in gaining knowledge and learning to be more communicative and expressive of their thoughts.