by Ariana Galvez

Do you have anything that you own that you believe is good luck? If so what is it and can you explain its significance to you?

Kimberly Levarios, Junior

Yes. I have this necklace I received years ago. It has been blessed a couple times by priest. When i feel like i need some “luck” on getting something done or accomplishing a goal, I wear it or carry it around. It makes me feel more comfortable.

Alexis Preciado, Junior

I believe the color green and lip gloss are the things that make me the luckiest.Green and lip gloss brings good luck because whenever something is green I have a good feeling about it and lipgloss just makes me feel good

Mark Perez, Sophomore

I think the necklace that my parents gave me for my birthday makes me lucky. It makes me feel confident and I wear it for everything, like big test and games.

Maria Medina, Math Teacher

Good things don’t happen because of luck, they happen because of hard work and dedication.  I also believe in the power of thinking positive. Negativity clouds your mind and stops you from succeeding.