As a generation who loves all things Shrek, have you ever stopped and thought, how did Dragon and Donkey have kids? Why did they fall in love? A fan theory by DeviantArt user @Aotearoa-geek13 suggests that Dragon was originally a donkey who was cursed to only look like a Dragon. 

As the years passed her behavior and habits morphed into those of a dragon. This would explain why in the first movie she attacked Shrek and Donkey when they were trying to rescue Fiona.

However, because of her Donkey genes, she became attracted to Donkey and did not eat him when they met. Eventually, they fell in love and in the third Shrek movie we were introduced to “Dronkeys”, their kids. At this point, having kids should be impossible considering the fact that the pair are two different species, who each mate differently.

If Dragon was only cursed to look like a Dragon, then having babies would make sense. But because of how they look, the “Dronkeys” carried the cursed dragon features just like their mother. Furthermore, while Dragon was pregnant, she chose to stay away from Donkey in the second movie. If you didn’t know, spending time away from a mate is common amongst the pregnant female donkey species.