Lunch Appreciation Post


“I appreciate all their hard work from the past years. Even when we were shorthanded they’ve always done a very good job meeting deadlines, despite the schedule change. The staff are able to feed students a healthy breakfast, lunch, and afterschool dinner. Thank you very much.”

– Boss Man Serda  

SGHS Senior: Evelyne Sanchez:

“I think the lunch this year is so much better, we get a lot more variety. I don’t always get lunch because of the long lines but my favorite lunch to get is the fried chicken and biscuits.”

SGHS Junior: Julio Vargas

“This year’s lunch is definitely better than last year’s which is why I now choose to get lunch every day. My favorite lunch meal is the cold cut bagels. I don’t really like the burgers.”

SGHS Sophomore: Adrian Pacheco

“I get lunch every day; the best thing to get are the fish tacos. They’re surprisingly good and taste real.”