DIY: Confetti Eggs for Easter in 3 Easy Steps

by Crustal Canela


Materials: eggs, scissors, a funnel, Easter egg dye, confetti, tissue paper and a glue stick.

1.     Use the tip of the scissors to poke a small hole at the end of the egg and allow the yolk to drain itself out. After, the yolk is completely removed, carefully rinse out the inside of the egg with water. Allow the inside of the egg to dry. You can now start to dye your egg, once you are assured that they’re dry.

2.     Use the funnel by applying it into the whole you created and pour a minimum amount of confetti into the funnel. Your egg should at least be half way full of confetti.

3.     Cut a piece of the tissue paper in a circular shape that will be used as a cover. Apply glue to the tissue paper then allow it to dry firmly. As you allow your confetti eggs to dry place them back into the egg carton for protection.

Average total cost: $8-10 dollars.