Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics took place in Pyeongchang County and began on February 9 to February 25. 15 sports were played during the Winter Olympics, having countries fight for the Gold Medal. About 92 countries participate in this year’s Winter Olympics, including North Korea who formed as one nation with South Korea. Russia could not participate in these Winter Olympics because of a Doping Scandal. An estimated 2,920 athletes were in this Winter Olympics, with Germany in first with gold medals with having 9 and Norway having 6 gold medals same for Netherlands. Meanwhile, the US only have 5 gold medals. Sports like Hockey, Figure Skating and Bobsled were all played in this Winter Olympics. The way to win the Winter Olympics is at the end of all the the event, whoever has the most golden medals wins the Olympics. The Olympics has been full of surprises, Chloe Kim is only 17 but accomplished what many athletes in these Olympics want, a gold; which she won at the age of 17 in the Women’s snowboard half pipe. This year’s Olympics also have Shaun White who has participated in 4 Winter Olympics and has won in this year’s Olympics in the men’s Halfpipe event.

Countries Gold  Silver   Bronze    Total

Norway       14       14        11            39

Germany    14         10       7            31

Canada      11           8        10          29

U.S             9           8         6           23