Mrs. Shah’s Inspirational Story

by Louis Perez

Mrs. Shah, a SGHS English teacher and RAMS Club advisor, recounts her experience going to college and offers advice to current high school students. Former SGHS alumni and current SGHS English teacher, Mrs. Shah, immigrated to this country as a teenager from Mexico in search of a brighter future. With English being her second-language, she had difficulty adapting to her learning environment. This didn’t stop her from obtaining a high school diploma though, and she went on to become a secretary. Eventually, she acquired a desire to go to college. She stated, “I was very frustrated with the limited options of employment I had. I felt that I could do better and I wanted to help people.” This led her to attend Los Angeles City College, where she studied for six years before she transferred to California State University, Los Angeles. She shared, “I loved college and I hated myself for not having gone to college sooner because I actually  waited until I was 24.” She received her bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish, obtained her teaching credential, and soon became an English teacher, returning to her former high school to teach.

Although she has a busy schedule, Mrs. Shah would love to go back to school to get her master’s degree. In addition, she encourages all students to go to college, whether it be a 2-year or a 4-year school. She said, “Don’t wait, even if you don’t think you’re college material. Challenge yourself.” Overall, Mrs. Shah is the perfect example of what success means, proving that even in the face of obstacles, nothing is impossible.