College Prep Program: TELACU Upward Bound

by Alexis Robles

Attention freshmen and sophomores, if you are you interested in going to college, then listen up. TELACU Upward Bound is a free program offered at our school that prepares you for college. They have SAT prep, campus tours, and even workshops on financial aid. They teach you the four systems of higher education which are: Community, California State, University of California, and privates. They also invite you to a five-week summer overnight program at a certain university, where you meet new people from other schools. Not only that, they have one-to-one counseling regarding scholarships and internship you can apply to. This program is only open to freshmen and sophomores to join. To apply you must be an American citizen, low income, and first generation for college. If you want to be a step ahead, visit the college center on Tuesdays and ask to join TELACU, but hurry there are a limited number of spots open!

Lizbeth Martinez, Senior – “Coming into high school as a freshman, I felt like I was going to be lost concerning what to do in the future. My brother and sister pushed me to join TELACU Upward Bound, and it has been one of the best things to happened. I grew out of my shell and started to network with students from other schools; four years later, they are now some of my best friends. I learned so much about the higher education system that now helps me be an effective peer counselor. TELACU is an opportunity for freshmen and sophomores to get a head start on decisions that will need to be made in the near future.”

David Huizar, Sophomore – “My freshmen year I wasn’t too involved in anything because I was still in my shell and I didn’t know many people. That year one of my closest friends told be about this Upward Bound program called TELACU, and it was one of best things that happened to me. I applied the next semester and got in. I quickly made new friends with people from my school as well as people from other schools. TELACU has taught me so much about how college and the whole application process works. We even get to tour college campuses and dorm at them during the summer. I highly recommend TELACU to anyone who is interested in going to college.”