by Alexander Alvarado


1. Love Actually

Love Actually follows the lives of eight different couples as they struggle to manage their love lives. The movie is set in London, England.

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This classic movie is about a young New Yorker who becomes interested in a man who recently moved into her apartment building. The only problem is that her past has come back to haunt her.

3. Grease

Good girl, Sandy, and a greaser boy named Danny have fallen for each other over the summer. Will the world keep them apart?

4. Dirty Dancing

When Frances Houseman goes to the Catskills Resort to spend her summer, she falls for the camp’s dance instructor, Johnny Castle. Her well-to-do father is not happy.

5. Clueless

A classic rom-com favorite that follows the life of Cher, a rich high school student, who wants to boost the popularity of the school’s new girl, but will her love life get in the way of such a task?

6. Silver Linings

Following the life of Pat Solatano who has been spending his time in a mental institution due to losing his job and wife leaving him, he ends up living with his parents. He plans on reuniting with his wife and fixing his life, but things soon get complicated when he meets Tiffany, who has promised to help him get back with his wife in exchange for something else.