DIY: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

by Crystal Canela


1st: Place the cookie sheet on the flat pan. Cut the sheet to fit the pan if needed.

2nd: Wash the strawberries well to remove all dirt. Make sure to fully dry each strawberry. Excess water can cause the chocolate to eventually break apart.

3rd: Fill the bowl with about 15-20 of the round chocolates then place it in the microwave for 30 seconds or less. Exposing the chocolate to too much heat can cause the chocolate to burn. If the chocolate is not completely melted add 10 seconds more.

4th: Poke the cake pop sticks through the leaf on the top of the strawberry towards the inside and dip the strawberry downward into the bowl while using your round spoon to cover as much as the strawberry as possible without a mess. The chocolate begins to harden so be quick!

5th: Spin the strawberry outward from the bowl making sure there is no chocolate strings hanging at the bottom. Then, place the strawberry neatly onto the flat pan.

6th: Refrigerate the strawberries for about two hours until the chocolate has completely hardened.

*To add a striped design use a different color of chocolate with a fork to drizzle on the stripes.


Ingredients: Medium sized Strawberries for $2.99 and Candy Melt Chocolate. Find at Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store for $3.29-$3.79 depending on the color you choose.

Utensils: Find at dollar tree. A flat cookie pan $1, cookie baking sheets $1, small to medium cake pop sticks $1, round medium sized spoons, medium sized glass bowl.