by Montserrat Lara

Q: How do you know you’re in love?

A: “You get sad and depressed when you don’t see the person. Even when having a bad day seeing that person makes you happy. When seeing them you get butterflies and nervous to be around them” – Mrs. Murillo English Teacher

“I have never really experienced that but from movies I would say it’s when you feel nervous around a person” – Kevin Mesa 11th Grader

Q: Is there such a thing as loving someone too much?

A: “Yes you can love someone too much because people get attached to people, it can go badly for the person.” – Ms. Largaespada History Teacher

“Yes because you don’t give them person space and it becomes an obsession. When it ends you go through withdrawal.” – Jason Majano 12th Grader

Q: What’s a way that someone can show their love to the person they’re with?

A: “For me it really depends on the person because some can’t show but cam tell then and others they can show but can’t say. Also some can think that tough love is the best and others think puppy love is the best. But for me I’d say taking care of them/caring for them because it really shows that they want you to be okay and happy.” – Nadia Devora 10th grader

“Paying attention to things that are important to them. Also by doing things that make them happy no matter how small or insignificant the action may be to you” – Mr. Burgeño Math Teacher