by Madeline Gonzalez

When we think of February, we think of love and kindness. Maybe even anger if you’re a Pisces or Aquarius. January 21-febuary 19 is the Aquarius sign and February 20- March 20 is Pisces.

Although these two signs may be very near each other they have very different emotional and physical appeals. These two are capable of being in a relationship when they know how to understand and comprehend each other. You may believe many equal signs will cross each other, but many times that is the opposite. February being the month of love, Pisces and Aquarius are meant for love with their caring and sensitive emotions. Pisces is a sign who loves attention and tends to receive more than give, and Aquarius is a very loving sign, but is more focused on giving. These signs are capable of holding strong relationships with different signs, but together it may work because one is giving and one expects to receive. You may believe it is a perfect match, but don’t forget they move in different routes!