by Arlene Vasquez

National Tortellini Day, Feb. 13th

Tortellini is originally from Bologna, Italy. Usually prepared with tomato sauce, cream sauce, or even pesto sauce, this pasta is filled with white meat and parmesan cheese deliciousness.

Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th

Affection comes in many shapes and forms. On this special day, take a risk and make it happen. Send a card or buy chocolates for your loved one.

National Gumdrop Day, Feb. 15th

Gumdrops are chewy gelatin-flavored candies, coated with sugar, that come in a variety of colors.

National Almond Day, Feb. 16th

Almonds provide multiple health benefits. They are packed with vitamin E, magnesium, and fiber.

National Love Your Pet Day, Feb. 20th

Did you know there are more cats in America, than dogs? Despite this fact there are more dogs in households than cats. Whether it’s our reptilian friends or our furry ones take some time to show them some love by buying them something simple like a treat.

National Sticky Bun Day, Feb.21st

Originally from Philadelphia, these sweet buns are one of America’s best known deserts. They are usually made with brown sugar and topped with the flavoring of your choice. Cover your sticky bun in put maple syrup, honey, nuts, or something as simple as a sugar.

National Banana Bread Day, Feb. 23rd

During World War I, Hawaii experienced a surplus of bananas. In order to not to waste fruit, banana bread was created along with banana cake and later banana muffins.

National Strawberry Day, Feb. 27th

Strawberries are one of the most aromatic fruits because they actually belong to the rose family. They are one of the few fruits that grow their seeds outside.