by Marisol Martin


All suitable donors will have the opportunity to save the lives of three people in the upcoming American Red Cross Blood Drive. As it is known, blood is needed, medically, every two seconds in the United States. 

The rarest blood type is AB- but blood type O is heavily requested as it is known to be the universal donor that can suit all blood types.  Through blood donation hospitals are able to have blood before any emergency. Blood donations only request three pints of your blood and is even beneficial to your heart as it allows easier blood flow.

On Monday, February 26 the American Red Cross Blood Drive will be held in the small gym from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. With the collaboration of South Gate staff, Leadership, and students, the recruitment of hundreds of viable donors will be pursued. Will you become a donor? Sign up in room 104 now.

You must be sixteen or older and suit the weight and height requirements. If you have tattoos you can still donate. If you have piercings, they must be 12 months old.