By: Brenda Bailon

Juniors!! This semester you will be taking your very first SAT. The SAT is a standardized college admission test which is scored out of 1600 points. The SAT is run by the College Board, a non-profit business that also administrates the PSAT and the AP (Advanced Placement) program. This test is meant to show colleges how prepared you are for higher education by measuring key skills such as reading comprehension, computational ability, and clarity of expression. Also because so many students take the test, it also provides schools with data about how you compare to your peers nationwide. Most colleges require student applicants to take this test.

The SAT has ten timed sections: the first is the essay, (25 min) followed by two reading, (20 min each) two math (20 min each) one writing (10 min) and one experimental section (25 min) The test is mostly multiple choice, with the exception of the essay at the beginning of the test and the 10 grid questions in one of the 25-minute math portion. The score you need to get will vary on the school you’re applying to which is why it is important to research your choices and know where you are applying.


We asked some of the highest performing seniors if they had any advice for our juniors,

Advice from Kimberly Abarca (Valedictorian) who scored 1290: Explore all the resources available such as Khan Academy because it helps tell you your weaknesses which is important to know! I also recommend taking a lot of practice test nonstop about 3 weeks before the exam

Advice from Briana Soriano, one of the highest scoring seniors with a superscore of 1390: Make use of any prep books you have! Take a diagnostic test then practice hard what you missed (even with friends who can help). More time means more practice so start now.

Just like our girls said, the best way to ensure a good score is to study! Studies show that studying a total of 20 hours between now and your next test date will improve your score by up to 100 points. Set a study routine and stick to it! Create an account with Khan Academy and connect the site with your college-board account. You can find a more detailed instruction guide on the school website under college center. According to college counselor Mrs. Corona, the absolute best way to study is to take previous tests and study the questions you got wrong, something that Khan Academy already does for you! Best of luck!