WEST                                                                                                                  East
Team Captain:                                                                                             Team Captain:           Stephen Curry | PG                                                                                     LeBron James|SF

Starters:                                                                                                            Starters:                    Stephen Curry | PG                                                                                      Kyrie Irving|PG
James Harden | SG                                                                                      Kevin Durant|SF
DeMar DeRozan | SG                                                                                   Paul George|SG
Giannis Antetokounmpo |PF                                                                       Anthony Davis|C
Joel Embiid| C                                                                                             LeBron James|PF

Reserves:                                                                                                           Reservers:
Karl-Anthony Towns | C                                                                            LaMarcus Aldridge|PF
Klay Thompson | SG                                                                                      Bradley Beal|SG       Kyle Lowry | PG                                                                                          Goran Dragic|PG            Damian Lillard | PG                                                                                   Andre Drummond|C
Al Horford | C                                                                                             Victor Oladipo|SG        Draymond Green| PF                                                                                Kristaps Porzingis| PF     Jimmy Butler | SG                                                                                       Kristaps Porzingis| PF

Coutinho’s Dream Move


      By: Christian Huezo

        Coutinho recently broke the Barcelona transfer record for the most expensive transfer in club history. Barcelona paid a record of about 106 million euros, that could reach 142 million if he meets certain contract clauses such as number of goals. There was speculation last season that Coutinho wanted to join Barcelona but was not able to be transferred because Liverpool did not want to sell. Read More

Ballin’ in Lithuania


     By: Kevin Telles

     The Ball family has been all over the media these past months and it doesn’t look like they will be going away anytime soon. After the eldest brother Lonzo made it into the NBA, everyone wanted to see if his younger brothers LiAngelo and Lamelo had it in them to become NBA players as well. Read More

Brazilian Crisis

Brazilian Crisis

by Jennifer Garcia

Demanding pay and better working conditions, civil and military police began to strike on December 19 in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte. On their third week of striking, the rapid increase of violent crimes has led to a state of emergency in January. Read More