by Ariana Galvez

What do you consider the “best part” of high school?

Joseline Ibara (11th)

The best part of high school is definitely meeting and creating close friendships with new people you thought you’d never talk to; and of course being a part of Friday Night Lights

Ashley Garcia (10th)

My favorite part about high school is the ability to meeting new people who have become like family over the past few years. I also enjoyed being able to be apart of a cheer team that I hold very close to my heart.

Santiago Veja (11th )

The best part of high school are the experiences I’ve had with my friends and teachers because I think that they have shaped my personality, my future, and help me find my path in life.

Using 3 words describe your high school experience.

Joseline Ibara (11th)

1. Exciting

2. Stressful

3. Growth

Ashley – Nicole Garcia (10th)

1.  Emotional

2. Exciting

3.  Heartfelt