by Sofia Martinez

The story involving this cursed vase is a bit vague but, legend says that the vase was a gift for an Italian bride during the 15th century. On her wedding night, she was found clutching the vase as she lay on the floor dying. Before she died, she claimed that she would return to seek her vengeance. The exact reason as to why she was seeking vengeance is not known. After her death, the vase was given from family member to family member all dying of mysterious circumstances after receiving it. The vase was then boxed away and hidden in a secret location. It was rediscovered in 1988 with a paper reading, “Beware… This vase brings death.” This warning was quickly discarded as the vase was sold at an auction. The new owner of the vase mysteriously died three months after owning the vase. The vase was sold three more times, each time killing its new owner. After the death of the last owner, the people began to believe that the vase was cursed and decided to throw the vase out a window. It is said that as the vase fell, it almost hit a police officer walking by. The police offered the vase to many museums but all of them refused to take it due to its bad reputation. The police then boxed up the vase and buried it in a secret location once again..