Montserrat Lara

Every New Year people vow that they will change the bad habits they have to get better, but that never really happens. You say “I’ll stop drinking soda” and two days into the New Year your cup is full of Sprite. There is also the “I’m going to start working out every day, so I’ll have the summer body I want,” yet here we are four months in and you ran to the corner to stop the raspado man. Instead of changing big things like this, try changing smaller habits first. Try drinking more water instead of cutting out soda first. Instead of saying work out every day try two times a week before hand. Ending bad habits may be difficult, so be careful about what you want to change this year.

   Another thing to change is personality, instead of always thinking negative think positive! Think of the good things that can happen, work out the adverse problems from your life, like junior Emiliano Castillo, “I always set a goal to develop self-help habits that will make me happy.”  Have a problem with a parent? Try talking to them and work it out, they can’t get mad at you for try to work things out. Having troubles in school? Try talking to teachers about what you can do to help yourself and your grades. Remember, only change what you feel needs some change and not what others want.