By Arlene Vazquez

National Rubber Ducky Day, January 13th

Why exactly are rubber ducks popular today? Apparently sales of these duckies were off the charts because Queen Elizabeth II had one in her restroom that wore a crown.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day, January 14th

Pets play a vital role in our lives; dogs are like family. On this day spoil them by putting a fluffy dress on your dog or even something as simple as a tie on your cat, but be careful pets like to chew so make sure their costumes aren’t dangling.

National Strawberry Ice Cream Day January 15th  

made by blending either strawberries or strawberry flavoring with eggs, cream, vanilla and sugar. Strawberry ice cream was served at the second inauguration of James Madison.

National Popcorn Day January 19th

Some like it salty, some like it sweet. On this special day treat yourself to a popcorn and movie night with your family and friends.

National ButterCrunch Day January 20th

ButterCrunch, a combination of both toffee and chocolate. What exactly is buttercrunch? It is a type of candy made out of butter and brown sugar. Which is then boiled, adding vanilla, and baking soda which creates that crunchy yummy texture everyone enjoys.

National Hugging Day January 21st

It’s been scientifically proven that humans need touch to survive. On this special day, take the time to hug your loved ones.

National Pie Day January 23rd

Pies are one of the most popular sweets today. Whether it’s apple or pumpkin pie they still manage to satisfy our cravings.

National Peanut Butter Day January 24th

For all you peanut butter lovers, this day is for you. Grab and knife and start your morning by spreading some delicious butter and jam onto your toast.

National Opposite Day January 25th

On this day, it’s acceptable to say the opposite of what you mean. Trick your friends by telling them things that aren’t necessarily true.

National Chocolate Cake Day January 27th

Pass by your local bakery and buy yourself a deliciously sweet chocolate cake.

National Corn Chip Day January 29th

Celebrate with one of the three sisters(corn, squash, beans) today. Corn chips can be found in all your favorite snacks! From Cheetos to nachos, grab a bag of Tostitos and dip them into your favorite salsa.