by Samantha Perez

Alan and Debby Tallman were happy new weds with small children who were fortunate enough to purchase a house after their wedding in 1987. After moving in, the couple decided to purchase bunkbeds for their children. Because the house was under new renovations, the bunkbeds were placed in the basement for nine months. During the nine month period, the Tallman family experienced paranormal activity throughout the house. Shadows emerged from the depths of the darkness and urged the Tallman children to commit dangerous acts. Items moved mysteriously from place to place. Radios turned on, and haunting voices were heard throughout the entire home. Mr. Tallman believed the bunkbeds were the root cause of all of this and decided to burn them. Perhaps his suspicions were well-founded because after the beds were removed, the paranormal activity stopped. For years following the incident, Mr. Tallman attempted to search for answers. But no one, even today, has known why the bunkbeds were haunted.