The Debate on Vegetarianism

by Daise Moreno

Ever wonder what it’s like to be vegetarian? It’s a tough choice for some, but for others like Neel Patel, a senior at SGHS, being vegetarian was not their choice. Neel says that he has been vegetarian his whole life and that he’s never had a temptation to try meat. He is not vegetarian because of the idea of animal slaughter but because of his Hindu religion. He claims to have a very healthy life style and does not mind people eating meat around him.

Other people choose to become vegetarian for different reasons. Ms. Strangeluv, an English teacher at SGHS, has been vegetarian for over 7 years and vegan 8 years and claims that she became vegetarian to become healthier. Ms. Strangeluv likes to avoid contaminated meats that damage our bodies and feels good about reducing her risk of heart disease. She says “I know it’s more expensive, but the extra money we pay is for the better quality our food is”.

Elias Chavez, a junior at SGHS believes the opposite. He stands by his opinion that meat is necessary in our diet. Aside from being a big meat lover, he says that “plants and beans aren’t as beneficial as fats and protein found in meat.” He says “I prefer it because I receive more nutritional value from a diet that includes meat and it’s less expensive. Plus my options aren’t limited”. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and your own body.