The Debate on Vegetarianism

The Debate on Vegetarianism

by Daise Moreno

Ever wonder what it’s like to be vegetarian? It’s a tough choice for some, but for others like Neel Patel, a senior at SGHS, being vegetarian was not their choice. Neel says that he has been vegetarian his whole life and that he’s never had a temptation to try meat. He is not vegetarian because of the idea of animal slaughter but because of his Hindu religion. He claims to have a very healthy life style and does not mind people eating meat around him.

Other people choose to become vegetarian for different reasons. Ms. Strangeluv, an English teacher at SGHS, has been vegetarian for over 7 years and vegan 8 years and claims that she became vegetarian to become healthier. Ms. Strangeluv likes to avoid contaminated meats that damage our bodies and feels good about reducing her risk of heart disease. She says “I know it’s more expensive, but the extra money we pay is for the better quality our food is”.

Elias Chavez, a junior at SGHS believes the opposite. He stands by his opinion that meat is necessary in our diet. Aside from being a big meat lover, he says that “plants and beans aren’t as beneficial as fats and protein found in meat.” He says “I prefer it because I receive more nutritional value from a diet that includes meat and it’s less expensive. Plus my options aren’t limited”. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and your own body.

How to be Healthy

How to be Healthy
by Edith Carranza

1.) Avoid eating late at night

            While sleeping, those calories are not being burned; they’re being turned into fat. Therefore, try to restrict yourself from eating close to bed time and/or past 9:00 p.m.

2.) Drink water

            Many experts recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day. Not only does water help your kidneys, it also helps your skin. Substitute your sugary beverage with a glass of water.

3.) Eat more vegetables and fruits

            Fruits and vegetables are not only delicious, but are nutritious. You should eat 2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables each day.

4.) Cut down on salt

            Try to limit yourself to 6 grams of salt a day. Salt can essentially raise your blood pressure and can lead to heart disease or a stroke if overly consumed.

5.) Substitute healthy foods for unhealthy foods  

            Try substituting chips for an apple, yogurt, or some nuts. The portion size will be less and these foods are healthier and more filling. An added benefit is that you will be guilt free!


Did You Know This About Your Food?

Did You Know This About Your Food?

by Crystal Canela

* Salt makes you hungry not thirsty.

* People who eat junk food pastries are 51% more likely to develop depression than people who don’t.

* Unhealthy diets are responsible for 30-40% of cancers.

* Some foods that cause bloating are: apples, broccoli, beans, and onions.

* The collagen in gelatin and gummy bears comes from boiled animal bones and from the hides of processed animal meat.

*Cheese can be as addictive as drugs like heroine.

Fun Fact: Humans are born craving sugar.

“Free to be.” “Free to Live.”

“Free to be.” “Free to Live.”

by Jennifer Garcia

 Protestors in Turkey, following the International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women, gathered to bring awareness to violence against women and women’s rights. Hundreds showed up to march on Istanbul’s main avenue despite Turkish police announcing that the protest would not be allowed. Vibrant chants of “We won’t be silent” and “We are not afraid” simultaneously filled several Turkish cities.

FemicideMap, a monitoring group, report that at least 1,915 Turkish women were killed due to violent crimes over the past seven years. 995 were killed by their own husband or boyfriend. Tired of the violence they faced from Turkish police, husbands, fathers, teachers and clients, these women peacefully protested to attract media attention in order to voice their pain and need for justice. The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, responded with an initiative to address violence and harassment against women in France. These plans are aimed to eliminate the shame brought upon women that invokes silence in victims and to change the sexist culture in France. President Macron claimed that 123 women died due to violence committed against them in France last year.

The awareness of violence against women is notably growing everywhere across the globe as women march through the streets of Rome, Turkey, France, America and many other places. They fight against the violence that has not diminished in Middle Eastern countries, the silence forced upon women in all countries, the rights they deserve such as more funding for shelters and other institutions. According to the United Nations, the cruel and brutal actions against women are some of the most “widespread, persistent and devastating” violations of rights across the world.

The Internet Crisis

The Internet Crisis 

by Saul Cardenas 

The internet. A place of free expression, a nexus of all knowledge ever recorded, and a source of entertainment. These are only some of the qualities that make the internet great. However, the sovereignty of the internet is now under assault. On December 14th, 2017 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal net neutrality in a 3 – 4 decision. Net neutrality is what ensures equal access to the internet and prohibits internet service providers from discriminating against certain content and websites.

The internet. A place of free expression, a nexus of all knowledge ever recorded, and a source of entertainment. These are only some of the qualities that make the internet great. However, the sovereignty of the internet is now under assault. On December 14th, 2017 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal net neutrality in a 3 – 4 decision. Net neutrality is what ensures equal access to the internet and prohibits internet service providers from discriminating against certain content and websites.

Those in support of the repeal see a different outcome. Supporters argue that repealing net neutrality will promote competition between online businesses; their warrant? According to multiple sources, such as Josh Steimle of, government regulation always results in lower quality products and the internet is no exception. Thus, a repeal of net neutrality would remove “pesky” government regulations on business. They also claim that repealing net neutrality will prevent government surveillance through the internet. This is supported by the speculation that removing internet governance, also removes the government from the internet.

After voting to repeal net neutrality, the FCC announced that the repeal would take effect 60 days after the vote. This means net neutrality will officially end on February 12, 2018.

The Conjure Chest

by Brianny Martinez

The story behind this chest begins about 150 years ago, in South Carolina with a slave owner named Jacob Cooley. He commanded his slave, Hosea, to build a chest for him. When Hosea completed the task, Cooley was unsatisfied with the chest that Hosea built so he beat him to death. Hosea’s fellow slaves avenged his death by asking a conjurer to curse the chest. The curse is believed to have led to the death of 17 people close to Cooley because these people inherited the chest after him. His brother, for example, was stabbed to death by his servant after gaining ownership of the chest. Eventually, the curse was lifted by a conjure woman and it now resides in the Kentucky History Museum.

New Year Events!

 By Madeline Gonzalez


When: January 20, 2018:

Where: Staples Center • Los Angeles CA


2nd Annual Women’s March LA 2018

When: January 20, 2018:

Time: 9am-4pm

Where: Los Angeles CA


Southwest arts festival 2018

When: January 25-28, 2018

Where: Empire Polo Club – Indio CA


Professional Beauty’s Association

When: January 27-29, 2018:

Where:  Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center)


January Horoscopes

By Marisol Martin


(Dec. 23-Jan.20)


Your work ethic will provide you with options. You will eventually be rewarded for your dedication and hard work.





Your long-term goals will be impacted by your reputation. Challenges will be faced,

but you will

bring order to chaotic events.  





This month revolves around expanding and surpassing your comfort zone. Your life will be illuminated by your curiosity.





Avoid distractions to reach your long-term goals. Decisions will need to be made, you’ll choose wisely.





Allow the criticism coming your way to benefit you. Accept the advice and let it guide the changes you make.





Your passion will change your routine. It is time for you to delegate and make a decision based on your desires.





Steer away from drama. It may be intriguing, but can distract you from your priorities.





This is the time to relax and enjoy your time with friends and family. Do not completely disregard school, but set some time aside.





You will reconnect with old friends and rediscover old hobbies. This is a reward for your exemplary work.





Change will be noticed and will be feared. Remember change is inevitable and will truly work out for the best.





You will feel out of place. This is an opportunity to come to terms with yourself and even uncover your true self.  





A transition into a new set of friends or field of study or classroom setting will allow you to develop a new understanding of change.

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

by Sarah Arjona

If you think back, can you remember last year’s resolution? Did you fulfill it? A new year is an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and to get rid of bad habits.

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.” – Carol Burnett

1. Create a Plan.

First of all, make sure your resolution is realistic and that it’s something you’re passionate about. Then think of the steps it will take to reach your goal. Write them out if you must and stick to your plan. Don’t be discouraged and don’t give up halfway.

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” – Theodore Roosevelt

2. Reward Yourself

If you reach your limit and have no way to reenergize, you’ll burn out, giving up on your resolution. When you reach a set threshold, treat yourself. It will help you stay motivated.

3. Just Keep Swimming

Prepare for challenges to arise. Life may not be a smooth ride, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to enjoy where it takes us. Stay optimistic and be resilient. If you face a difficulty while working on your resolution, it should only serve as a means to cement your determination.

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” – Jim Watkins

National Days

By Arlene Vazquez

National Rubber Ducky Day, January 13th

Why exactly are rubber ducks popular today? Apparently sales of these duckies were off the charts because Queen Elizabeth II had one in her restroom that wore a crown.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day, January 14th

Pets play a vital role in our lives; dogs are like family. On this day spoil them by putting a fluffy dress on your dog or even something as simple as a tie on your cat, but be careful pets like to chew so make sure their costumes aren’t dangling.

National Strawberry Ice Cream Day January 15th  

made by blending either strawberries or strawberry flavoring with eggs, cream, vanilla and sugar. Strawberry ice cream was served at the second inauguration of James Madison.

National Popcorn Day January 19th

Some like it salty, some like it sweet. On this special day treat yourself to a popcorn and movie night with your family and friends.

National ButterCrunch Day January 20th

ButterCrunch, a combination of both toffee and chocolate. What exactly is buttercrunch? It is a type of candy made out of butter and brown sugar. Which is then boiled, adding vanilla, and baking soda which creates that crunchy yummy texture everyone enjoys.

National Hugging Day January 21st

It’s been scientifically proven that humans need touch to survive. On this special day, take the time to hug your loved ones.

National Pie Day January 23rd

Pies are one of the most popular sweets today. Whether it’s apple or pumpkin pie they still manage to satisfy our cravings.

National Peanut Butter Day January 24th

For all you peanut butter lovers, this day is for you. Grab and knife and start your morning by spreading some delicious butter and jam onto your toast.

National Opposite Day January 25th

On this day, it’s acceptable to say the opposite of what you mean. Trick your friends by telling them things that aren’t necessarily true.

National Chocolate Cake Day January 27th

Pass by your local bakery and buy yourself a deliciously sweet chocolate cake.

National Corn Chip Day January 29th

Celebrate with one of the three sisters(corn, squash, beans) today. Corn chips can be found in all your favorite snacks! From Cheetos to nachos, grab a bag of Tostitos and dip them into your favorite salsa.