By Alexis Robles

Our transcripts have a million different GPAs on them. But we are here to explain what they mean, starting off with LAUSD GPA.


The LAUSD GPA is used by the school district. Your weighted GPA includes extra points from AP and Honor classes while an unweighted GPA does not take them into account. The scale is up to 4.0 but you can go higher with extra points from AP and Honors classes. AP and Honors classes only give you extra point when you earn a C or higher. The school uses LAUSD weighted GPA to determine your school rank.

The UC and UC Capped GPAs, are used by the University of California (UC) and they take the extra points from AP and Honors classes, but they also have a capped GPA which means after eight semesters or four classes, they will no longer accept the extra points. They look at both of them during the college application process.