by Vicky Hernandez

During the months of November and December is when seniors have a stress of the most high. The time has come finally come to turn in their UC and CSU applications throughout November and have the month of December to work on their Common Application for private universities. The time is finally here, this is what our seniors have worked for all throughout high school; ensuring a better future for themselves. Although students might feel extremely nervous around these months; when January finally arrives, a huge weight is alleviated from their shoulders and comfort soon begins to settle.

SGHS senior Alejandro Avilez says, “I feel a bit of relief because it felt like a big weight on my shoulders. I guess it was the thought that my future depended on these applications but, overall, I feel happy and I’m hoping for the best!” As for another SGHS senior, Selene Poblete mentioned how she feels “very anxious because I’ve dedicated months now to ensure that my applications are strong and whether they’re good enough to assure my acceptance into my schools of choice.”