by Alejandra Gonzalez

As the second semester begins, the sooner finals are approaching. Among those finals are the infamous AP exams for the brave students who are up for the challenge. Students must put in extreme amounts of time into their studies to know a year’s worth of material like the back of their own hand. If the work is so stressful, then why do students take the course? You see: getting a 4 or a 5 on an AP exam will assure that student college credit even before attending a college themselves. This goes without saying but; preparing for AP exams is not a walk in the park, taking lots of time to study and plan effective work schedules to be ready for the exam. Here are some helpful ways students can prepare for AP exams:

1. Know When to Start Studying:

a. Students often begin shifting to AP prep mode a month or two before the exam. The aim is to give yourself enough time to be prepared for typical AP questions. Students should take practice tests, review content, and perfect a test-taking mindset.

2. Invest in a Prep Book:

    a. Purchasing a prep book will; help you review essential content, introduce you to the format of the exam, and put your mind in the zone.

3. Remain Calm:

    a. Stressing out about the exam will not help you prepare for it. The more organize you are, the better, and the less anxious you will become.