by Alexander Alvarado

The long awaited movie Avengers: Infinity War will finally be hitting theaters in 2018. The Avengers will form an alliance with many characters from the MCU to fight off the powerful Thanos and to stop him from destroying Earth. Thanos is a well-known and powerful villain in the Marvel Universe who uses the Infinity Gauntlet as his weapon of preference. Join The Avengers in May of 2018 and witness the Infinity War.

The galaxy’s favorite and famous smuggler will finally be getting his very own film. The movie is set to feature Han Solo as he grows and meets his best friend Chewbacca and how he later came to become a rebel hero. The movie does not fit into only one era as it will take place throughout his life. After his fate in The Force Awakens, fans are happy to once again see Han Solo on the big screen. Join him on his journey in May of 2018.

14 years after their first film, The Incredibles will return to the big screen. The movie is said to take place right where the first movie left off. The Incredibles have now grown accustom to their powers and will fight off all new threats along with their youngest child Jack Jack who was discovered to also have powers. Join the “totally wicked” family in May of 2018.

The Wakandan King is coming to the big screen with his own movie titled Black Panther. Captain America: Civil War was his introduction to the MCU. In this new movie, we will be taken to the beautiful land known as Wakanda where viewers will see just how T’Challa, a.k.a. Black Panther, came to be the nation’s savior. Black Panther will be released in February of 2018.