by Marisol Martin

One of JROTC’s outstanding cadets, 2nd Lieutenant Jonnie Lahti, has been leading and motiving underclassmen throughout her four years in South Gate High School’s JROTC program. She is currently the Raider Team Commander and Bravo Company Commander and was previously the battalion’s Security Officer. She has been a member of various teams such as Color Guard, Orienteering, Marksmanship, Saber, Armed Drill and Raider Team. Jonnie’s involvement with JROTC has inspired her to enlist in the U.S. Army to become a combat medic. On June 25, 2018 she is scheduled to go to Basic Training which usually lasts up to 10 weeks. There, soldiers are vigorously taught basic fundamentals such as marksmanship and land navigation; and are trained how to march long distances and build their physical fitness. Thanks to our school’s JROTC program, Jonnie will be able to transfer her four years in the JROTC program into the Army as she enters as a Private E-2 instead of a Private E-1. After Basic Training, she will get special combat medic training that will last roughly 16-18 weeks. As a combat medic she will serve to aid wounded soldiers during wartime and obtain a nursing job during peacetime. Throughout her four years in JROTC, Jonnie Lahti has helped shape young cadets into better citizens and continues to inspire motivation throughout the battalion. For this reason, it gives JROTC a great honor to see this cadet develop into the intelligent, uplifting, diligent soldier she is today.