Looking for Eggnog

by Crystal Canela 

Eggnog is a warm egg milk drink that originated in early Britain, during the 13th century. Traditionally the English drank it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, and egg yolks for the texture. Starbucks offers a seasonal eggnog latte that contains brewed espresso, steamed eggnog, milk, brown sugar and nutmeg. This drink can be compared to champurado because of its thick, milky texture. Eggnog has a sweet vanilla with funfetti taste, from the heavy amount of milk it contains. The flavor is closely related to crème vanilla, with any egg related flavor basically indiscernible. The drink is a creamy off- white, color sometimes topped with cinnamon. Eggnog has been incorporated into desserts such as: pies, donuts, fudge, cheesecake and more that can be great additions to your traditions. If you are still skeptical about trying it, McDonalds carries hot eggnog pies during the months of September to December for a dollar. Try something new, if you haven’t already.