Gingerbread House Hacks 

by Crystal Canela 

  • The Betty Crocker frosting that comes in a squirting can costs 3.99, helps gingerbread walls and candy decorations stick together.
  • Hardening Frosting dries quickly, so have another person start adding the decorations after you place the frosting.
  • Do not put too much frosting on the roof when trying to stick decorations, focus on the perimeter.
  • Create decorations in the frosting with tooth picks. 
  • Cereal and left over Halloween candy works for decorations.
  • If you do not plan to eat your gingerbread house and intend to have it for decoration, glue it together with a hot glue gun.
  • It is easier to work with the gingerbread walls that already come in a cutout form for you to measure when decorating.