Café Hidden Behind a Wall of Leaves 

by Crystal Canela 

If you can find the Daily Dose Café located on 1820 Industrial St. & Mateo in Los Angeles, then you have a good eye. There is no other way to get into the café without finding the magic door. This brilliant idea of having a one entrance way into the café has people searching all around the leaf wall for the only way in. The Daily Dose serves typical café meals, including: Mexican meals, sandwiches and mini fruit bowls. The prices range from $11-30 dollars, mainly serving full meals for less than $20. When night darkens, the skies beautiful lights are lit up to twinkle. Gender neutral bathrooms are established on sight, as well as free Wi-Fi. The next time you are looking for an underground restaurant that is secluded stop by The Daily Dose if you have the luck of finding it.