by Lucy Hernandez

1. Stop spending on Extras

Try to lay off of buying items that are unnecessary such as purchasing coffee every morning or splurging on a new pair of shoes.

2. Use the “Secret Santa” Method

Instead of buying for each member of the family try pulling names out of a hat so you only spend money on one person.

3. Choose Cheaper Traditions

Traditions are what make the holidays so special, but they can be a financial burden. If your traditions include traveling for the holidays or buying expensive gifts, it can easily increase the amount of money being spent. Try cutting back on these expensive traditions and create less expensive new traditions!

4. Try a Potluck

A party is expensive with all the food, decor, and activities that take place. Buying food for a lot of people is pricey and a potluck alleviates the financial burden.

5. Take advantage of Sales

Holiday sales are an amazing opportunity to save money. Pay attention to the advertisements also be sure to compare prices online.

6. Get a Head Start on Next Year

Check your spending patterns and habits right after the holidays. It is the perfect time to make plans for the next year, and maybe change some spending habits.