by Kevin Telles

         The South Gate High School Girls  Volleyball team has been one of the most dominant volleyball teams in the region for over 2 years. They continue to show their dominance. So there is no telling how far this team can go this year in the playoffs. Last season they had a great overall record of 31 wins and only 9 losses. They were able to compete in the Sylmar Tournament. They were able to beat Hoover 2-0, Locke 2-0, and Narbonne 1-0. They made it all the way to the Quarterfinals, only losing by one. They later went on to the CIFLACS Girls Volleyball Playoffs, where they made it to the semifinals before being eliminated by Venice. 

    They have continued to show that they are an elite team having a 10-2 record in their league. They started off with back to back losses against San Pedro and Banning. But soon after, they won five games in a row. Their overall record has become an impressive 21-11-2. They have beaten tough teams and have shown that this will be a promising season. A deep playoff run is not farfetched for this elite volleyball team.