by Gabriela Catalan

Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive, they can fit any budget big or small. Here are some Christmas thrift tips to help you find the perfect present for family or friends. Frist, locate your nearest Goodwill, or Thrift store. SGHS Senior, Viridiana Medina, said “the best thrift store is Bell Thrift store or Sunday’s Best Thrift Shop, everything is cheap and good quality.”

Make a list of what you want to look for because when you get there, it might be a hassle. Next, check prices to figure out what you can afford. Thrift shopping isn’t that hard, but you need to have patience because it can take a long time to find for certain items.

Be sure to look closely at any clothing because some thrift stores do not let you exchange or return clothes. Some clothing items may have rips, holes, or even stains.