by Giselle Martinez



More Life

Released March 18, 2017

Album by Drake

SGHS Senior Denise Soria says, “As soon as the album came out I ran to the store and bought it, then locked myself in my room and cried as I listened to Drake’s angelic voice.”






Released April 14, 2017

Album by Kendrick Lamar

SGHS Senior Violett Mendez claims, “I counted down to the very last second to hear Kendrick’s new album.”









Released June 30, 2017

Album by Jay Z

SGHS Senior Christopher Guerrero says, “I was really eager to hear Jay Z’s album. It’s honestly the best album he has ever released.”








Harry Styles

Released May 12, 2017

Album by Harry Styles

SGHS Senior Andrea Norzagaray says, “When the album hit Apple Music, I downloaded it, sat on my bed and cried as I said to myself ‘Album of the year’.”











Released October 20, 2017

Album by Niall Horan

SGHS Senior Anghela Lopez says, “Niall’s album had me feeling all types of emotions prior to its release after its release.”









Released February 24, 2017

Album by Six Feet Under

SGHS Senior Yantzi Turcios says, “This album is so rad, everyone should really listen to Six Feet Under because it’s brutal.”