College Freshmen Advice

by Louis Perez

            A majority of students have a difficult time adjusting to the transition from high school to college, and they often don’t realize that they must develop important habits and skills in order to succeed. Three SGHS alumni, currently college freshmen, offered advice to prospective college students and gave insight about what they wish they would’ve done differently in high school in order to better prepare for college.


“The only thing that comes to mind that I wish I could’ve done differently in high school was create better study habits and not become such a procrastinator. It’s important to create better study habits now so you don’t bring those with you into college. College isn’t like high school anymore and it’ll be much harder. Start preparing by having healthy ways to destress now.”                                                                                   

                                            – Vanessa Reyes, UC Berkeley Freshman


“One of the things I would have done differently is I would have applied to more scholarships. College is expensive and applying to scholarships can save  you so much money once you’re in school. Also, if you are feeling down because you don’t feel that you will get into the school you want, don’t feel discouraged and keep working to obtain your goal. With that being said, make sure you put effort into everything you produce.”

                                             – Gladys Flores, UC   Berkeley Freshman


“I wish I would’ve developed better study habits; that sounds obvious but honestly I didn’t study much in high school. Most of the stuff I just   remembered easily but in college there’s more material to learn and some of it is complex and difficult to understand. Make sure to go to   your professors’ office hours and tutoring sessions. Organize yourself    as a student, make sure you can manage your time, and train yourself to make your education one of your top priorities.”

                                                   – Griselda Alcala, UC Irvine Freshman