Common Application

        UC and Cal State applications are now closed, so it is time to focus on the Common Application. The Common Application is for private schools, but not every private school uses it, however, most do. The Common Application deadline varies depending on the school you want to apply to. Some deadlines are in December and others are in January, to check just go the

       The website also offers a brief description of the many participating private schools. The Common App is not limited to California, it covers all of the United States. Everyone should apply to private schools as they offer a different experience and can potentially offer more money in scholarship and financial aid. The application consist of an essay and SAT/ACT scores, but some private schools do not require it. All private schools require something different, for example, asking different questions or even asking for an additional essay. The private school experience is completely different from public schools, classrooms can be smaller and campuses can be smaller. Some private schools have a little over a thousand students and you’ll get a more one-to-one experience with your professors, instead of public schools, where there are hundreds of students in a class. In these smaller schools, there is a tight-knit community. It is important to start working, and know your deadlines. It is important to do research and not wait to the last minute! Good luck seniors!