The Tremendously Talented Tomatosita

 by Kaitlin wright


     Tomasita Rodriguez is an unbelievably softhearted, talented artist whose pieces & skills range from sculptures, tiny clay models, paintings, drawings, singing, playing guitar, and writing! Tomasita goes by @Tomatosita on social media or Toma for short! Toma has grown tremendously as an artist by reflecting on her weaknesses, such as lacking patience with herself and accepting her mistakes which has given her artwork a distinct signature all its own. She wrote for her high school newspaper during her high school years and input creating original comics. She has her very own online shop of original artwork, and a YouTube channel. Tomasita lives for what she does. She finds her personal struggles as fuel for her “distorted” reference work of people widely considered beautiful. The tone of her projects have been described as a delicate balance between creepy and weird without ridding the original reference if one was used, her  intent is to get people to say “oh! That’s beautiful!” and “…oh… oh my.” All at the same time – as quoted directly from the amazing artist, Toma, herself!