by Alejandra Gonzalez

As a student, every year means you’re closer to graduating high school. Although most of the time one may be undecided, a common misconception students make regarding their choice of major is thinking that Major = Career. A college major is a group of courses required by a college in order to receive a degree –– an area you specialize in. For instance, there may be someone who majors in philosophy who’ll end up working in marketing, or a biology major that ends up working in counseling. Just because you choose a major doesn’t mean that’ll be your career.  The funny thing about majors is that they’re generally way more flexible than they seem, particularly in the liberal arts. The basic knowledge and skills developed in a major can be applied to a number of different careers. 
  With this in mind, it’s very important to pick a major that interests you. When you’re able to enjoy what you study, it’ll naturally help you discover areas you’re passionate about that can lead to stronger skill building. The benefits of this can be receiving internships or recognizing careers that you had never considered before. In the past, undecided and undeclared majors have had negative reputation: those students were considered unfocused. That’s not the case anymore.