Another Great Season for Girls Volleyball     

by Kevin Telles

South Gate’s Girl’s Volleyball team has been amazing finishing the league with 10 wins and only 2 losses, Beating our rivals South East twice the Varsity girl’s finished 2nd in their Eastern Volleyball Standings with Bell being 1st. The girl’s varsity volleyball team had won 32 sets and only lost 8 in their 12 league games. The season overall for the girls varsity they had a record of 20 wins, 10 losses and two ties. 

The JV Girl’s Volleyball also had a great season going 10-2 finished their season as well. It was a great season for our Girls Volleyball and hope they continue their form for next season.

    Ana Moa, Varsity Captain
   Ana Moa, Varsity Captain

As captain do you feel any pressure on the court?
– Lately, no I felt an abundance amount of pressure my junior year as I was a starting junior within a senior lineup. Volleyball is a mental game, so I went with the mentality of just playing rather than analyzing every little thing
Do you have any advice to younger athletes?
– Have fun. The game alone is a beautiful thing that shouldn’t be taken for granted.