Trump vs. California 

by Saul Cardenas 

Immigration, like many other political issues, will never bear witness to a uniformed consensus. DACA, the supposed Muslim Ban, the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and “The Wall,” are examples of debates within Congress. As of now, President Trump has declared the repeal of DACA, and is setting his sights on beginning the construction of the wall in California. However, those opposed to President Trump’s actions are not going down without a fight. The Trump Administration is currently facing over 75 lawsuits and hasn’t served a year yet!

California State Attorney, Xavier Becerra, is leading the charge against President Trump. Becerra has filed multiple legal class action suits against the Trump Administration over the travel ban, the plan to end DACA, environmental policies, and health care changes. Currently, Becerra has filed over a dozen lawsuits and has stated he’s “got another legal action cooking.” At this pace, Becerra is sure to surpass the amount of lawsuits filed by the Texas attorney general against the Obama administration, which amounted to 48 lawsuits.

While there seems to be no end in sight for the legal action against President Trump, that doesn’t necessarily mean the Trump Administration and its allies are surrendering. President Trump’s lawyers, back in April, declared that winning the election granted him immunity from lawsuits, despite the Supreme Court’s decision in the Clinton v. Jones case, which declared the President wasn’t immune to civic lawsuits. Moving away from the federal level, Becerra is facing opposition from within the state. Joel Anderson, a conservative state senator from San Diego County has stated Becerra was being too partisan, reminiscent of his days as chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. With the current political climate, tension is sure to grow between the left and the right.