Christmas Thrift Tips

by Gabriela Catalan

Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive, they can fit any budget big or small. Here are some Christmas thrift tips to help you find the perfect present for family or friends. Frist, locate your nearest Goodwill, or Thrift store. SGHS Senior, Viridiana Medina, said “the best thrift store is Bell Thrift store or Sunday’s Best Thrift Shop, everything is cheap and good quality.”

Make a list of what you want to look for because when you get there, it might be a hassle. Next, check prices to figure out what you can afford. Thrift shopping isn’t that hard, but you need to have patience because it can take a long time to find for certain items.

Be sure to look closely at any clothing because some thrift stores do not let you exchange or return clothes. Some clothing items may have rips, holes, or even stains.

2017’s Most Anticipated Albums

by Giselle Martinez



More Life

Released March 18, 2017

Album by Drake

SGHS Senior Denise Soria says, “As soon as the album came out I ran to the store and bought it, then locked myself in my room and cried as I listened to Drake’s angelic voice.”






Released April 14, 2017

Album by Kendrick Lamar

SGHS Senior Violett Mendez claims, “I counted down to the very last second to hear Kendrick’s new album.”









Released June 30, 2017

Album by Jay Z

SGHS Senior Christopher Guerrero says, “I was really eager to hear Jay Z’s album. It’s honestly the best album he has ever released.”








Harry Styles

Released May 12, 2017

Album by Harry Styles

SGHS Senior Andrea Norzagaray says, “When the album hit Apple Music, I downloaded it, sat on my bed and cried as I said to myself ‘Album of the year’.”











Released October 20, 2017

Album by Niall Horan

SGHS Senior Anghela Lopez says, “Niall’s album had me feeling all types of emotions prior to its release after its release.”









Released February 24, 2017

Album by Six Feet Under

SGHS Senior Yantzi Turcios says, “This album is so rad, everyone should really listen to Six Feet Under because it’s brutal.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

by Alexander Alvarado

The star wars continues with its latest installment titled Star Wars: The Last Jedi. After the cliffhanger of The Force Awakens, fans anxiously awaited The Last Jedi to find out more about Rey’s parents and to witness her training with Luke. The Force Awakens also left fans wondering about Finn’s fate after his encounter with Kylo Ren at the Starkiller Base. Leia Organa is back to lead the Resistance and to fight for the fall of the First Orger. Kylo Renn is growing stronger and will stop at nothing until the fall if the Resistance is complete with the help of his master Supreme Leader Snoke. Join the Resistance on December 15th for its long awaited premiere. “It’s time for the Jedi to end,” said Luke.

The Coolest Technology of 2017

by Krystal R. Guerrerro




Amazon Echo Show (virtual assistant)

  • Starting at $230
  • 7-inch touchscreen
  • 5-megapixel camera





Logitech G920 Driving Force (Driving Wheel for gaming)

  • Starting at $339
  • Enhances gaming experience
  • Compatible with the Xbox One and PCs







Apple TV 4K (Smart TV Device)

  • UHD resolution; HDR 10 and Dolby Vision content standards
  • Streams 4K movies from iTunes and Netflix
  • Starting at $179







Anki Cozmo (robot)

  • Starting at $176
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Self-aware, capable of recognizing owner and expressing feelings







Apple iPhone X (ios phone)

  • Starting at $999
  • OLED 5.8-inch retina display
  • Face ID









Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (android phone)

  • Starting at $930
  • 6.3 in OLED infinity high resolution display
  • Stylus; waterproof

Boys Basketball: A Team Looking For Greatness

     by Christian Moreno

 Senior night against Garfield
Senior night against Garfield

Five returners from last year’s 12-0 undefeated team are back for the boy’s basketball team and most have played for the school for all 4 years. Leading the varsity team, these five returnees with the help of many other underclassmen, are aiming to keep the elite status that the school carries when it comes to their sports team. 
    Every year there seems to be a progression of talent and success, and this year isn’t an exception. The South Gate basketball  team went undefeated last year with a record of 12-0. Sadly their season ended shortly in the first round of the playoffs with a loss to their rivals Venice. In the hopes of continuing the streak of successful seasons, the boys basketball team aim to hit the playoffs once again.

South Gate High School Girls Volleyball

  by Kevin Telles

         The South Gate High School Girls  Volleyball team has been one of the most dominant volleyball teams in the region for over 2 years. They continue to show their dominance. So there is no telling how far this team can go this year in the playoffs. Last season they had a great overall record of 31 wins and only 9 losses. They were able to compete in the Sylmar Tournament. They were able to beat Hoover 2-0, Locke 2-0, and Narbonne 1-0. They made it all the way to the Quarterfinals, only losing by one. They later went on to the CIFLACS Girls Volleyball Playoffs, where they made it to the semifinals before being eliminated by Venice. 

    They have continued to show that they are an elite team having a 10-2 record in their league. They started off with back to back losses against San Pedro and Banning. But soon after, they won five games in a row. Their overall record has become an impressive 21-11-2. They have beaten tough teams and have shown that this will be a promising season. A deep playoff run is not farfetched for this elite volleyball team. 

Road to the World Cup

  by Christian Huezo

      200 teams fight for a spot to represent their country in the World Cup that will be held in Russia in 2018.  But, only 32 teams can make it to the world cup. Many upsets happened in the world cup like Italy not qualifying after losing to Sweden and USA not being able to qualify after not even being able to make it to the playoffs as well c. Some teams being able to break the drought of not reaching the world cup like Egypt, Peru. Also Iceland and Panama making their debut in the world cup. Teams that are suggested to win by ESPN are Germany and Brazil they have a lot of talent in their squad with Neymar, Countinho and Marcelo with brazil. For Germany they have Kroos, Neuer and Ozil. Mexico looking pretty good after their last 2 friendly’s in which they faced Poland and Belgium and with the young star Chucky from PSV. Mexico will be making their 13th appearance. Argentina have had a up and down form but with the help of Messi they hav. Spain has a young/ old talented squad with the best it can be.  Belgium also looks really strong with having a lot of players that are from the best clubs in the world. Iceland has a strong following with having the lowest population of all countries have been loved from everyone.

Boys Soccer: Looking for a shot at the Hardware

    by Daniel Arce

 This year’s Varsity lineup has many talented seniors and underclassmen ready to take the season by storm. Coach Chavez has returned to Coach the team this year and hopes to have a successful season. The team is more than prepared to have a successful season. 
      Last year the Boys JV soccer team went on a sweet season, grabbing 10 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. They ended up as the league leaders beating Bell High School in +/- goal difference. This was the first time the school’s JV team had won the league. Now they hope to win again. With promising new incoming players, the goal is not only possible, but likely.  As for the Varsity team, they didn’t quite reach the goal that they were chasing after. They still had a respectful season, with 7 wins, 1 draw, and 4 losses. 

 Coach Chavez
Coach Chavez

1.What is the goal for the season as coach?
-To end up as the number one team in the league. As a coach you always want to be the best school of the district no matter what division we are in, and to bring back the hardware. 

2.What do you feel can be improved?
-Work ethic, since you never get anything for granted. The players should be proud of the jersey and the school they are representing with that jersey. 

3.What is your prediction for the season?
-Eastern league champions or eastern league runner ups, which is always our ultimate goal. 

4.What is your prediction for the season?
–    Eastern league champions or eastern league runner ups, which is always our ultimate goal. 

College Freshmen Advice

College Freshmen Advice

by Louis Perez

            A majority of students have a difficult time adjusting to the transition from high school to college, and they often don’t realize that they must develop important habits and skills in order to succeed. Three SGHS alumni, currently college freshmen, offered advice to prospective college students and gave insight about what they wish they would’ve done differently in high school in order to better prepare for college.


“The only thing that comes to mind that I wish I could’ve done differently in high school was create better study habits and not become such a procrastinator. It’s important to create better study habits now so you don’t bring those with you into college. College isn’t like high school anymore and it’ll be much harder. Start preparing by having healthy ways to destress now.”                                                                                   

                                            – Vanessa Reyes, UC Berkeley Freshman


“One of the things I would have done differently is I would have applied to more scholarships. College is expensive and applying to scholarships can save  you so much money once you’re in school. Also, if you are feeling down because you don’t feel that you will get into the school you want, don’t feel discouraged and keep working to obtain your goal. With that being said, make sure you put effort into everything you produce.”

                                             – Gladys Flores, UC   Berkeley Freshman


“I wish I would’ve developed better study habits; that sounds obvious but honestly I didn’t study much in high school. Most of the stuff I just   remembered easily but in college there’s more material to learn and some of it is complex and difficult to understand. Make sure to go to   your professors’ office hours and tutoring sessions. Organize yourself    as a student, make sure you can manage your time, and train yourself to make your education one of your top priorities.”

                                                   – Griselda Alcala, UC Irvine Freshman

Environmental Chaos

Environmental Chaos 

by Jennifer Garcia 

The natural phenomenon of extinction occurs at a rate estimated at about 1 in 5 species per year, but scientists claim Earth is now losing somewhere ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 times this rate. This number reveals the possibility of a future with as many as 30-50% of all species facing extinction by mid-century. The planet appears to be in the midst of its sixth mass extinction of plants and animals. This crisis is almost entirely caused by humans through habitat loss, introduction of exotic species, and global warming.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (ICUN) has identified 16,928 species worldwide as being endangered. However, the numbers do not include those species that have disappeared prior to any chance to evaluate/describe them.