by Montserrat Lara

Q: How do you make friends when people have already established their cliques?

A: Well for one, trying going to a group where the people seem to have common interests, whether it is books, movies, career goals, music, etc. use that to start the conversation. When finding a clique remember to be yourself, do not change for a person because eventually you get tired of being a character, you can’t keep up with a life that isn’t yours. Branch out don’t be scared of find people that are different from you, those tend to become the best friendships.


Q: How do I know the friends I have right now are doing more harm than good to me?

A: Overtime people change, that is just human nature and I get as humans we do not like change but it happens. The friends you had in ninth grade may not be the same as they are now. Your friends become toxic when they no longer want to speak to you, ignore you, do not support any decisions you make, and stop inviting you to hang out. These are signs that you need to tap out of that friendship because it is no longer good for you. The longer you know them doesn’t change the fact that they can hurt you. It is usually the people you’ve known the longest that hurt you the worst. If your friendship is toxic leave it because you matter before anyone else, if you don’t look out for yourself then who will?

Q:  Why have friends?

A: Having friends is quite nice if they aren’t toxic people. Friends’ help you in many ways, like cheering you up and making you realize some of your decisions aren’t the smartest. The people you call friends become a big part of your life that influence you. They are people you trust with your life and the people that make everything amazing for you, just don’t become too dependent on others for happiness. Friends are a part of us.