by Samantha Perez

Maybe you’ve heard this term before, may not, but what is a Cryptid? These are poorly documented creatures and monsters originating from “sightings, myths, legends, and extinct animals”. Although many believe Cryptids must be supernatural or unearthly beings, the term “Cryptid” is a general term that covers 10 specified groups: “story” folklore, the paranormal, undiscovered species, extinct animals, weirdly-sized animals, hoaxes, odd pictures, personal accounts, taxidermy, and textual evidence. People who research and study this field are called “cryptozoologists”. Their job is to push evidence from photos and personal accounts into the scientific world, in order to prove their existence. George M. Eberhart, a certified cryptozoologist, popular in the Cryptid community, believes that “the world is full of wonder and surprises, no one knows what this earth can truly do.” He encourages people to believe in Cryptids whether the belief ranges from aliens, to angels, to demons, or shapeshifters. They’re all around us, you just need to keep an open eye.